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LTC4231 time to output Vout after set #SHDN?

Dear SIR,

#SHDN is the pin to shutdown or enable LTC4231 IC,

When this pin is set to high, the LTC4231 ramps GATE up after a debounce cycle to turn on the external MOSET.

What is the approximate time?

I found a TD(ON) but not sure this one is correct?

  • E-John,

    That is the correct line on the datasheet. The typical delay is 40ms.

    The minimum delay is 20ms and the maximum delay is 60ms.

    These parameters are guaranteed over the full operating temperature of the part.

    The datasheet says:

    SHDN#: Shutdown Control Input. A logic high at SHDN# enables the LTC4231. GATE ramps up after a debounce delay of 40ms