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DC590B & DC2692A Msg : Cannot load COM module for the device

I installed successfull the QuikEval software and drivers for the DC590B Controller.
The connected DC2692A with the LTC2662-16 was detected by the QuikEval Software.
After pressing the button "Open" I get the message "Cannot load COM module for the device"
and the DC2692A GUI Software could not be downloaded from your website.
I tried various internet connections with and without a firewall.
Is there a link where I can download the DC2692A GUI Evaluationsoftware for the LTC2662 ?

Best regards and I´m looking forward

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  • Hello Ioannis,

    try this link ...

    and download the file.

    Close a running ltcqev.exe software and install now the downloaded ins6811-2.msi. Remember the installation directory and start the program directly under that directory.  You don´t need the ltcqev.exe any longer. This program installs only required drivers, download and install the Eval Software.

    Best regards


  • Hello Ioannis,

    I wrote you an answer on your request with a link for the requested file. The comment includes a download link, but the forum replay was filtered and need time for processing.

    Regards Claus

  • Hi Claus, thank you for the assistance. I downloaded it and I want to power it up to check if everything is in place. In the meantime it appears ok. 

    If I want to connect 7 series cells, shall I follow the instructions in the datasheet, Cell 0-3 in C0-C4, then two unused (topC4-topC5) tied to botC6 and then the other 3 cells? 

    Like in Figure 53 of datasheet LTC6811-1/LTC6811-2 112-Cell Battery Stack Monitors?

    Thank you in advance



  • Hello Ioannis,

    As you mentioned in Figure 53 there is an example for connecting 7 cells in series.

    The last 3 cells are connected as follows :

    cell topC4 already connected to C4 C5 C6 (LTC6811)
    cell topC4 connected to botC5

    cell topC5 connected to botC6 and to C7 (LTC6811)
    cell topC6 connected to botC7 and to C8 (LTC6811)
    cell topC7 connected to C9 C10 C11 C12 (LTC6811)
    cell topC7 connected to V+ (LTC6811)

    so far so good.

    If you are using the DC2260A (LTC6811-2) you connect your 7 cells :

    Cell7 [+]---- J1.13(C9) + J1.14(C10) + J1.15(C11) + J1.16(C12)

    Cell7 [-]-+
                  +-- J1.12(C8)
    Cell6 [+]-+

    Cell6 [-]-+
                  +-- J1.11(C7)
    Cell5 [+]-+

    Cell5 [-]-+
                  +-- J1.8(C4) + J1.9(C5) + J1.10(C6)
    Cell4 [+]-+

    Cell4 [-]-+
                  +-- J1.7(C3)
    Cell3 [+]-+

    Cell3 [-]-+
                   +-- J1.6(C2)
    Cell2 [+]-+

    Cell2 [-]-+
                  +-- J1.5(C1)
    Cell1 [+]-+

    Cell1 [-]-+-- J1.4(C0)

    The measured values from C4, C5 and C6 are identical and also
    the values from C9, C10, C11 and C12.
    The discharge function via S5, S6 and S10, S11, S12 are not working (no cell connected).
    Please make a cross-check, no warranty.

    Best regards Claus