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LTC3886 IC not able to generate the Vout.

We are using 2 LTC3886 IC for generating power supply 0.8V, 1.8V, 1.25V and 3.3V using I2C communication by firmware code.


Let’s say we need to generate 2.5V on page 0.

  1. For reference we have use LTPowerPlay software for register list in that we have written 2.5V in VOUT_COMMAND.
  2. After then we have export the register list in .txt format and we got all the register list with some value. Refer attached file (This file is generated by LTPowerPlay software).
  3. In firmware I have set all the register line by line which are mentioned in .txt file generated by LTPowerPlay but then also I am not able to generate any output voltage.   


Can you please provide proper step to produce the specified voltage?

First time we are working on PMbus devices, so we are not familiar with this type of programming. We have the knowledge of I2C but not for PMbus.

So, if any sequence of register which need to be write in IC that if can provide then it will be very helpful to us for generating remaining voltages for our project.


NOTE:   We don’t have any EVK board so that we can connect to our LTC3886 and by LTPowerPlay we can just write the register. We have use LTPowerPlay only for register list.

We need to generate all above-mentioned voltage by programming using I2C command.


Let me know if you need any more information regarding this topic.

Also we have read some of the register which is mention below:

PAGE:   0x1

STATUS_WORD:    0x1843



MFR_COMMON:     0x7C

OPERATION:      0x40

READ_VOUT:      0x03, VAL, 0.00

Also we are not able to identify in STATUS_CML: other communication fault, how to identify why this issue comes?

Also we are getting ALERT pin as 0, means there is some ALERT problem in IC.

Please suggest how to clear the bit in STATUS_CML, as in document mention that To clear, write 1 to particular bit but that also i have tried, but not able to clear it again gets 0x22 value. 

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