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AD5791 Reference configuration

I will be using the AD5791 DAC for precision waveform generation (~10kHz), but I need to be able to supply either a +/-5V range or +/- 10V range output.  My question is, in general would it be better to adjust the gain via the reference buffers or via the output buffer?  Or are there any tricks someone can provide to accomplish this in a better manner?  Also, I'm planning to use either the AD688 or AD588--are these suitable references for this DAC to take advantage of the precision?

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    Since your application is waveform generation, you'd want as much bandwidth on your output amplifier as possible. In this case, it would be better to adjust the gain on reference buffers. Although, you could also just fix the reference to +/-10V and, with code adjustment, could still provide a +/-5V output waveform, just that the resolution you get is constant for the two output ranges.

    The AD688 or AD588 is a good choice as it can be configured for both positive and negative outputs. Although, you could also consider the LTC6655. We have some data on the INL performance with this device on the eval board. Figure 5 from EVAL-AD5791SDZ (Rev. B) ( 

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