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Questions about software reset of AD5758

I have a question about the operation of the FAULT terminal when the software of AD5758 is reset.
After turning on the power, writing 0x15 to register 0x08 turned the FAULT pin to Low.
After that, when 0xAF51 was continuously written to 0x08, the FAULT terminal became High.

Is the operation of this FAULT terminal correct?

I would be grateful if you could reply.

Best Regards,

  • Hi Knj,

    The first write after power up should be to refresh the calibration memory (Write 0xFCBA to register 0x08). Any write outside of this will result in a INVALID_SPI_ACCESS_ERR which will trigger the fault pin. You can verify this by reading back register 0x14 after the fault pin goes low. 

    Writing 0x15FA, then 0xAF51 to register 0x08 is performing a software reset which is why the fault pin is going high again. Page 50 of the datasheet describes how to setup the AD5758 correctly.