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AD5658R Output Voltage Range


I am prototyping with the AD5658R DAC and I have it assembled as recommended in the quick start guide with a few exceptions.

The device is powered with 5V. VLogic is tied to 3.3V. GAIN is tied to VLogic(3.3V) and RSTSEL is tied to 3.3V as well.

On testing the device with GAIN of 1(GAIN tied to GND), I have confirmed the range is between 0V and 2.5V.

However, after setting GAIN to 2(GAIN tied to 3.3V), the range seems to go between 2.5V and 5V. I am expecting a unipolar output from 0V to 5V as stated in the datasheet, but the  result is not the case.

Is there something I may be missing? Any help to figure out the problem is appreciated. Thanks!