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AD5684 daisy chain mode


I have three AD5684s connected in a chain. I can't figure out the command control algorithm. In the datasheet, I did not find a clear algorithm. Tell me how to manage any channel in the chain. More specifically, I need to mean the sequence of commands that I have to issue.

  • Hi, 

    First, let's establish the commands. Note that these are 24-bit hex format.
    0x100001 - Daisy Chain enable command. 
    0xF00000 - NOP or No Operation command in Daisy chain mode. 

    Let's say you have 3 devices in the Daisy chain. 

    Seq1 - 0x100001 (24 clk cycles) - This enables daisy chain mode on Device1
    Seq 2 - 0x100001 + 0xF00000 (48 clk cycles) - enable daisy chain on Device2
    Seq 3 - 0x100001 + 0xF00000 + 0xF00000  (72 clk cycles) enable daisy chain on Device 3. 

    Things to remember, clk cycles must be in factors of 24. If less, then the device will ignore the command. 
    If you want to communicate with Device 2 in the chain, you need to send 48clock cycles in a SYNC pulse and put the data on the first 24 bits. Or use 72 clk cycles and put the data on the 2nd 24bits. 

    Let me know if you still have problems with daisy chain.

    Best regards,


  • I understood the idea. I have not made the device yet. I am preparing software.

    In anyone's hearing, thanks for the help.

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