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AD5116: lifetime at auto-save mode

Hi, when I am using AD5116 for a project, I am curious about the lifetime of AD5116 at auto-save mode. Please refer to the following information highlighted from datasheet.

If I power-on the AD5116 at auto-save mode and there is no any PD/PU inputs, can I understand that the lifetime in condition is about "1,000,000 write cycles * 1s=278 hours" ?

Appreciate any information you can provide. Many thanks. 



  • Your interpretation about lifetime in autosave condition is correct.

  • Is this really correct? Maybe it was wishful thinking on my part, but my interpretation of the datasheet is that once the user stops pressing PU or PD.

    The data sheet states "The AD5116 can automatically save the last wiper position into EEPROM, making it suitable for applications that require a power-up in the last wiper position, for example, audio equipment." and "Auto Save If there is no activity on inputs during 1 second, the AD5116 stores the RDAC register data into EEPROM, as shown in Figure 4."

    Figure 4 shows that the write is triggered by the falling edge of PD. So if there is no activity after the last button press there will NOT be repetitive writes and you will not kill the EEPROM in 12 days. This makes a lot more sense from a usability standpoint.

    Please re-check with your sources and confirm that this is correct. It's the only interpretation that makes sense.


  • I will request our design team to have a deeper look into this and come back with an answer for you. Please note that the part is very old and I will need more time for a response for you.

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