LTC2756 unipolar manual span

I want to use the LTC2756 in a fixed unipolar application with 0 - 10 V out from a 10 V reference.

So, I understand I need to connect M-SPAN to Vdd.

I think I want S0, S1, S2 pins to GND, correct?

What about the reference inverting amplifier?  I hope I don't need it in this case.

But, what about the Rin, Rcom, REF, and Rofs pins?

I think the Rin & Rcom are left open?

Does my +10V ref connect to REF?

Rofs connects to?

Wish the data sheet showed a circuit for unipolar operation.

Hope someone can clarify if/how to use it without the reference inverting amplifier.

Paul Smith

Indiana University Physics