Increased output current on AD5504 high voltage DAC


On a board, I already made a system with 60V 50mA outputs. It has a little noise at the output.

MCU with internal 3.3V DAC  ->  DAC reconstruction Sallen-Key filter DAC ->  LTC6090 high voltage op amp as non inverting amplifier with gain

I am considering replacing with a AD5504 high voltage DAC.

The AD5504 datasheet says ± 1mA load current. Is there a recommended application note or circuit to get more current (about 50mA)? Do I just hook it to the input of LTC6090 built as a Sallen-Key LPF I need very low noise output and DAC reconstruction filtering.


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    You may use the AD5504 with the LT6090. I would suggest having a look at our error budget tool to get a noise figure for the duo.

    If you are happy with the noise figure, you may simply use the…

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