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Questions about ISCC pin function of AD5764


My customer asks some questions about using  ISCC pin of AD5764.

They say that ISCC pin seems to control a Short-Circut Current which  controls a quantity of current to Vout pin at short status of circuit.

So please check below questions and let me know your opinions.

Q1) Would you let them know the exact function of the ISCC pin in AD5764?

Q2) Can they control the Vout current using the control of ISCC pin ( control the short-circuit current of the output amplifiers)?

Q3) Can they control the offset of  the output voltage values  through the changing a value of connected register with ISCC pin like below ?

            At the Fig. 25 in the datasheet, if Riscc  is 6Kohm, ISCC will be 10mA.

            And at this condition, they think the value of source/sink current will be configured  between -10mA and +10mA.

            So at this time, if source current is settled about 10mA thru the configuration of ISCC pin, they guess that output voltage delta (Gap between  between guessed output voltage and real output voltage) is about 4500uA,


Please confirm above questions and advise them.



  • Hi Se-woong, 

    The ISCC pin allows for setting the short circuit current of the output amplifier stage. It's basically the max current the amplifier could handle. I doubt that it can control the current output directly as it is depended on your load. 

    The output voltage delta varies depending on your current load and not directly upon the value of the RISCC per se. The guaranteed spec is as you've mentioned, shown in figure 25 of the datasheet. Unfortunately, we don't have data for other RISCC values. 

    One thing I would note is that operating near the short circuit current is not recommended. As you can see on table 2, the current load for specified performance is 1mA.

    Best regards,