problem running Eval-AD5535BSDZ and Eval-SDP-CS1Z



We have purchased several units of Eval-AD5535BSDZ and Eval-SDP-CS1Z. Now we are trying to assemble at least one unit to apply individual DC voltages in 10 different channels.

We plugged our computer (windows 10 OS) to ad5535 via sdp and have installed drivers for Eval-SDP-CS1Z and Eval-AD5535BSDZ. When we launch the AD5535B soft, the following error is triggered: error 1172 system.argumentnullexception

Also, it looks like there is no connection between software and a hardware, and we cannot get any signal at the output of Eval-AD5535BSDZ.


Please advise!


Thank you and have a nice day!