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AD5421 Datacode and output current issue

dear ADI

  because of the short of AD5421CREZ, our company's crazy buyer bought some oldest AD5421CREZ(datacode is 1319)

PIN11- DVDD    PIN12--COM  so set the current 3.8mA-21mA

use datacode 1319 

the issue is when set the output current 3.8mA ,get  the output 2.6mA in fact 

set  the output current 20.8mA ,get  the 22.3 mA in fact 

use new datacode (lile 20xx,19xx)  no issue,output current is right


when use it ,find it is difference with the other datecode lile 20xx,19xx against 1319.

check the datasheet, find some update ,but do not know the details 

if have some way to solve with it ? 

thank a lot 

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