LTSpice Simulation of AD5452

Is there a way to simulate the AD5452 in LTSpice?

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    on Mar 12, 2021 2:53 AM in reply to jimboshrump

    The setup for bipolar mode doesn't necessarily mean that the VREF needs to be +-10V, it is just possible to set it as an ac signal. If you set VREF at 10V, then you can follow the transfer function on page 17 of the DS or Table 6 Bipolar code table. 

    Would my design still work?

    If you're looking to have a bipolar output I don't think the circuit you sent will work. The setup must be similar to the circuit here.  At most since your offset voltage is equal in magnitude to the DAC output, you'll have a unipolar output. 

    For applications related to fixed reference, bipolar waveform generation output, you can check this app note. AN-1094 (Rev. 0) (