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Looking at Table 8 on page 8 of the data sheet,
"A bias may be applied when operating with a single power supply of AGND"
There is a description that it works even if bias is applied.

Are there any voltage conditions for normal operation?

I look forward to your reply

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  • thank you for your answer.
    However, in the circuit diagram of fIG38, it does not work at VDD = 3.3V, VREF = -10V, DGND = 0V, AGND = 3.3V, and it is normal at VDD = 3.3V, VREF = -10V, DGND = 0V, AGND = 0v. It worked.

    Therefore, I think that there may be some restrictions on AGND.

    Is there a condition between AGND and DGND or VDD?