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Request recommended Voltage out DAC solution supporting +- 25V output range


My customer want to use a DAC with voltage output for supplying voltage to target device on their tester,

And they was used AD5532 to their old tester.

But the spec. of target devices are changed , so they need new voltage output DAC supporting +/- 25V output range.

Would you recommend your  voltage output DAC for supporting +/- 25V output range?

Or would you suggest  recommended solution for supporting +/- 25V output range? (Need supporting multi channel, small size, Supplying +/- 25V range to target device)



PS.  Could they use AD5535B solution to support -25V range?

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  • Hi Se-woong, 

    About your customer's specs, how many channels are needed for their application? Is there a voltage resolution requirement? 

    I'll be looking more into a solution for this. 

    PS.  Could they use AD5535B solution to support -25V range?

    AD5535B only has unipolar output. It would be possible to use an external amplifier array to make the output cover the +-25V range but that would lead to more external components and bigger pcb size.

    Best regards,


  • Dear Ian

    Thank you for your kind answer.

    Below are our customer's reply about your questions.

    1. No. of Ch :  24 CH or 32 CH

    2. Voltage resolution : 14 bit or 12 bit

    3. Would you let me know detailed solution with real ADI component about supporting -25V range if they can use AD5535B?

        They say that  they can use additional components.

        They don't have any PCB size limitation yet.

    4.  Would you suggest ADI solution supporting  +25V to -25V  range ?

    Please help me ASAP.



  • Hi Se-woong, 

    You can do:

    1) AD5535B (0-50V 32Ch) + offset amplifier (8* ADA4522-4 is a good choice) 
    -Something seems wrong with the website and I can't paste images.
    Additional >50V supply needed for the AD5535B.

    2) 2*AD5679R (0-2.5V/5V 16ch) + Offset and gain amplifier setup (8* AD4522-4 will also work, just a different setup)
    The advantage of using AD5679R is that the supplies are simplified, no need for the extra 50V rail that won't even be used. AD5679R additionally has an internal reference built-in for the DAC.

    Let me know if these are OK or if you need other options or further help. 

    Best regards,


  • Dear Ian,

    Thank you for your prompt reply.

    And could you send me the image fie to me?

    My e-mail is "".