AD5592R - Unable to set DAC-register and the DAC Data analog output


While writing DAC Data to DAC3, no change in voltage is obtained measuring the DAC 3 outlet.

Prior to this operation, the readback of the "Readback and LDAC" register gave no response on the SPI  MISO.

The initialization of the SPI is shown below.

Is there something wring or missing in the initialization or SPI session ?

SOFTWARE_RESET_REG:          0b0111.1101.1010.1100
GENERAL_PURPOSE_CONTROL_REG: 0b0001.1000.0011.0000
DAC_PIN_CONFIG_REG:          0b0010.1000.0000.1000 // Select DAC3
ADC_PIN_CONFIG_REG:          0b0010.0000.1111.0100
GPIO_READ_CONFIG_REG:        0b0101.0000.0000.0010

SPI session: Setting of analog output with Readback of DAC register:
READBACK_AND_LDAC_MODE_REG: 0b0011.1000.0100.0100 = 0x3844 // D11-D14: Adress Register,
                                                           // D6: Enable Readback,
                                                           // D2-D5: Select DAC-Reg Readback
                                                           // D0-D1: Immediate copy to DAC-Reg and DAC Output

DAC_WRITE_REG: 0b1011.0001.1001.1001 = 0xB199              // DAC Write Reg.+ DAC Data


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  • Thanks for your answer.

    Although I first wrongly had  chosen to set bit D9 to "1", I tried to set it to "0" which should be OK for internal reference. But unfortunately the DAC output gave still no result.
    So, at the moment I'm kind of stuck here.

    // D9=0: Internal Vref. D3=1: DAC Power Down.
    const UInt16 CONFIGURE_PWR_DOWN_AND_REF_CTRL_REG = 0x5808; // Bin: 0101.1000.0000.1000