AD5592R Conversion time, track time and SPI CLK freq.


According to the AD5592R datasheet the Conversion time (tconv) is maximum 2us and the Track Time (ttrack) is minimum 500ns.

If I understand this correct, this tells me the ADC needs maximum 2 us for a conversion. This is not a requirement for how fast the next toogle should come on the SYNC pin in FIGURE 44? If it had been so then I would have needed 16 clocks in 2us minus a track time of 500ns and this would have set the SCLK frequency of minimum 11 MHz… Correct?
So can you verify the following statement:
If I comply on the req. in Table 4 and use a Track Time of minimum 500ns I can then use a SCLK frequency of 1MHz since this will be more than the maximum 2us conversion time requirement.

The figure in post 26528 is also a bit confusing wrt the 2us req.