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Enabling all 4 channels of AD5737 simultaneously


I  am currently working on AD5737 with output current range 0mA - 20mA.

I am able to establish SPI communication with AD5737 (with the help of Analog device community).

I am able to get the output for each channel individually.
Now I need to get the output for all 4 channels simultaneously.

I tried : reset and gave corresponding DC DC converter register value (1C6004) maintaining Vboostx 23.5

2.then writing to DAC control register for each channel i.e. current range for each channel 

3.Finally enabling OUTEN_ALL & DC_DC_EN_ALL in main control register.

After doing above steps, as per my understanding I should be able to turn on DC DC converter of all channels with PWM output (which i m not able to get)

I even tried Keeping LDAC pin High during  data logged to AD5737 and made it LOW after SYNC is held HIGH to update the register values of DAC DATA register

But i am not able to enable the output simultaneously.

Can anyone confirm me whether is it possible to get all channels output simultaneously? if Yes please verify whether my above approach is proper or not.