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Improving Zipper Noise for AD5280


I am exploiting the AD5280 for managing phisical parameters of an analog audio processor for guitar.

the device works with presets ( abrupt change in the configuration: Gain, Boost, Master volume) . In addition these parameters can  be updated very fast with and ADC connected to a potentiometer (expression pedal).

this is a potential cause of zipper noise.

The proposed solution with a window comparator cannot be exploited because we are forced to use a dual supply. What solution do you suggest in order to address this potential issue?

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  • Thank you!!!

    Other question: I am exploiting the AD5280 because of the I2C interface and because it is low cost; unfortunately this device does not implement the SYNC function as in AD5291.

    This means that, in order to get rid of any bumps during abrupt changes in the wiper configuration, I  can mimic the SYNC function by means of SHDN pin. 

    My idea is to sync the SHDN pin with the signal's zero crossing event.

    The sequence would be as follow:

    1. Assert SHDN at the first zero crossing 

    2. Program the wiper with SHDN asserted

    2. Deassert SHDN at the next zero-crossing event after the register program.

    The delay would be reasonable and I would get the same effect of the AD5291's SYNC with a less expensive I2C device.

    Do you believe this solution can work?

    Bear in mind that this condition will be very frequent, so I need to be sure that the device can be frequently put in shutdown.

    Thanks for your valuable support,