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Improving Zipper Noise for AD5280


I am exploiting the AD5280 for managing phisical parameters of an analog audio processor for guitar.

the device works with presets ( abrupt change in the configuration: Gain, Boost, Master volume) . In addition these parameters can  be updated very fast with and ADC connected to a potentiometer (expression pedal).

this is a potential cause of zipper noise.

The proposed solution with a window comparator cannot be exploited because we are forced to use a dual supply. What solution do you suggest in order to address this potential issue?

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  • There will be small transition glitch as the wiper position is changed for small steps.

    Additionally, there will be digital feedthrough noise due to activity on the I2C bus. 

    You can check the figures 52, 53 in the datasheet. Both are shown for the worst case conditions.

    You can add an appropriate low pass or high pass or bandpass filter at the output stage if that is not tolerable in your system.