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Improving Zipper Noise for AD5280


I am exploiting the AD5280 for managing phisical parameters of an analog audio processor for guitar.

the device works with presets ( abrupt change in the configuration: Gain, Boost, Master volume) . In addition these parameters can  be updated very fast with and ADC connected to a potentiometer (expression pedal).

this is a potential cause of zipper noise.

The proposed solution with a window comparator cannot be exploited because we are forced to use a dual supply. What solution do you suggest in order to address this potential issue?

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  • Hello, 

    The block diagram below (I hope it is clear now) represents the part of schematic I'm interested in


    the digipot is DC decoupled and is supplied with a dual rail.

    I can exploit a window comparator in order to intercept the zero crossing for a jump in the pot wiper: (E.G jumping from 10 to 100!

    My other question is about the effect of a continuous modification of the wiper ( e.g ) if the wiper is linked to the ADC's input voltage which is generated by a variable resistor (e.g: Volume control)

    Do you believe there's going to be any unwanted perceived noise?

    In this case the effect of the wiper's update should be manageable (small steps) because the resistor's voltage variation is continuous, but I imagine there d be some interaction with the I2C activity. 

    Is there any best practice I can follow?