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AD5560 0X8register question, load capacity


I have two question need to help. 

1) When writing 0V to register 0x8, the output will be 0.75V, and the output will be 0.75V more when writing different voltages (equal to a bias voltage of 0.75V added). How to solve this situation ?

2) During debugging, the electronic load was used to test the gear of ±500mA and ± 1.2A, and we find that the load capacity could not be reached. it only can load about <350mA when select ±500mA range. and load <700mA when  ± 1.2A range at any volatge output . When the load beyond,  the AD5560 will be no output. how is that ?

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  • Hi,

    Sorry for the late reply. About item 1, have you tried adjusting it on the OFFSET DAC register (0xB)? This might be caused by the internal offset of the force amplifier. 

    For item 2, to achieve the maximum currents stated, the headroom stated in Table 1 and power dissipation 10W and 5W for EXTFORCE1 & 2 respectively. 

    Pd = (HCAvddx * Iq) + (HCAvddx  - Vo ) * Io

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