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using a Digipot in place of the drain resistor in a common source amplifier


I am involved in the design of  a digitally controlled CS jfet audio boost with about 15dB gain. 

The gain is regulated via 20K digipot (AD2580) driven with a unity buffer in order not to load the drain resistor. 

I wonder if it is possibile to replace the drain resistor with the digipot ( maybe the 2582 with both output in parallel in order to bring the total resistance to 10K. that would be beneficial because 

We would spare in the bom.

Another question, what do you suggest for the generation of the required dual supply? we are actually exploiting the LTC3260 for the generation of the required +- 5V   100mA

Can you advise something more suitable for the purpose?

In this application noise performances are findamental.

thanks in  advance for your support, 

Best regards, 


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