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AD5421 Chip select and MISO


I'm using AD5421 in my design.

SPI that I'm using for AD5421 is shared with other device(ADC, another DAC) as well. 

Whenever I'm using AD5421 I'm ensuring that I have disabled other device using CS to avoid bus contention in MISO.

But whenever I use other DAC/ADC, as specific chip select is not there in AD5421 I'm checking for alternate options to make SDO tristate.

Please confirm whether my below understanding is correct.

1. SDO will be tristated in AD5421 when SYNC pin goes high and this occurs irrespective of condition in other pins.

2. Whenever MISO between two slaves are connected together (Connection two outputs together), if one input is tristate and another is proper logic then that line will carry a proper logic instead of tristate.

3. When Ad5421 is OFF and another DAC is ON, MISO output from another DAC will not get affected by AD5421 DAC which is OFF (IODVDD=0)


Nidhi P Shetty