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REF198 for supply AD5612

Dear forum,

I'm designing a board with one ADC AD7997 and one DAC AD5612. I'm going to use REF198 as a voltage reference for AD7997.

Could I use the same REF198 to supply the DAC, that use the supply voltage as the reference?

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  • Yes you could use the DAC as a reference but you should note the sources of error:

    VOUT-UNI= D/2^12 x (VREF + VGE) +VZSE + INL
    VOUT-UNI is unipolar mode worst-case output.
    D is code loaded to DAC.
    VREF is reference voltage applied to the part. This needs to include the initial accuracy as well as the drift.
    VGE is gain error in volts.
    VZSE is zero scale error in volts.
    INL is integral nonlinearity in volts.

    Noise information is also available in the datasheet. 120nV/root Hz is the NSD at 10kHz and the 1/f noise is 2uV.

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