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Unable to operate AD5752R in 0-10V range

I am using AD5752R in 0-10V operation. But its getting configured only to 0-5V range. Wat may be the reason?

  • Hi arunkrishnank,

    It seems that the part is not being configured to change the default output range of +5V to a +10V range. Please make sure that the DVCC is brought high before any of the interface lines are powered. If this is not done the first write to the device may be ignored, and as you are configuring the output range on the first write this could be not taken into account.

  • Hi arunkrishnank,

    Although the part has not been configured to the desired output range yet, does it work with the default +5V range? Can you configure the rest of the registers and get the expected output voltages when you write a data to it? Is /LDAC tied permanently low, or is it held high during the write cycle and brought low to update the DAC registers?

    You could be facing a timing issue, so a scop plot of the /SYNC, SCLK, /LDAC, SDIN lines would be useful to assure that the interface timings match with the datasheet.


  • Hi,

    It is working fine in default +5V range. I am able to configure the rest of the registers and am getting the expected voltage corresponding to the data written to it. I am keeping /LDAC high during the write cycle and brought to low in order to update the DAC registers.

                    In one of the boards its working perfectly in +10V and in another board I am facing this problem. I also think that its a timing issue.I will plot the signals and will update you the situation.

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