AD1955 : DSD_CLK in the SACD mode


I have a question about the SACD mode of AD1955.

I use it in the normal mode at the SACD mode.

At this time, does DSD_CLK support a 128fs(5.644MHz)?



  • Hi Mr. K,

    Running DSD_SCLK at 128 x 44.1 kHz (5.6448 MHz) is a supported mode for the AD1955. Please select DAC Control Register 1 Bit 7 to be [1].

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  • Hello,

    Thank you for your reply.

    The DSD_SCLK description on data sheet P6 is described as follows.

    "Serial Clock Input for DSD Data. This clock should be 64 x 44.1KHz, 2.8224 MHz or 128 x 44.1 KHz, 5.6448 MHz in Normal Mode,"

    But, the DSD_SCLK is described in "Serial Data Format in SACD Mode" of data sheet P13 as follows.

    "In this mode, the DSD data is clocked in the AD1955 using the rising edge of DSD_SCLK with a 64fs rate, 2.8224 MHz"

    In this description, 128fs(5.6448 MHz) rate is not explained.

    Does the DSD_SCLK operate by 128fs(5.6448 MHz) in Normal Mode?

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  • Hello Mr. K,

    I would like to clarify your question, and make sure that we are talking about the same things. Are you are referring to Normal Mode (as opposed to Phase Modulation Mode), or to default mode (the startup condition of the AD1955)?