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DAC and SPI with DMA

I want to transmit data to AD5324 DAC using SPI with DMA but as with most non-audio DACs it requires a pin toggle to latch data in the DAC buffers after each TX. There is a Chip select associated with each SPI port on the STM32F407 micro that I'm using but the timing is not right to use for the latch function as pin needs to be low for full transfer. Using DMA to automate a transfer in this case is difficult and hovering around waiting for busy flags to clear is a pain. Has anyone come up with a workaround for a similar situation? Wonder why manufacturers of control DACs haven't got an I2S type of solution for this as DMA transfer of data has been around quite a long time and it really speeds up an application not having to deal with transmitting data manually. Or maybe its the Microcontroller manufacturers that need to offer more options on their SPI modules.

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