Two AD5116 + One SSM2306


I am planning to use ADI push button in my volume control design.

I will use SSM2306 (Stereo Audio Amplifier) in this project, and I am wondering if I can use 2 AD5116 to do the volume control? Each AD5116 will be connected with Left or Right channel audio signal.

I also wonder if I can use a same combination of push buttons to control both AD5116 at the same time?

Is this solution workable?

I attach a simple circuit which I would like to design for my audio volume control, kindly advice me if that is workable.

  • Hi cklooi,

    Quick feedback,

    Use an opmap to buffer the AD5116 output, the SSM2306 input impedance is not high enough to consider negligible the effect.

    the caps in the amplifier input acts as high pass filter, add an external low pass filter to attenuate the noise at higher frequencies ( <22kHz).



  • Hi Musach,

    So do you mean to replace the SSM2306 with other op-amp?

    I still prefer to use SSM2306 as it proves to be a good class-D audio amp for me. Any other way to use the AD5116 with SSM2306?

    By the way, to use one set of buttons to control two AD5116 as what i have drawn in the attached file, is ok?

    In this post, I attached a screenshot of the audio volume control circuit involving AD5228 and SSM2211 (from AD5228's datasheet). What is the purpose to add AD8591 at the B terminal? I think this circuit design could bring an idea of how to use AD5116 with SSM2306.

    Thanks for your advice.

  • Hi cklooi,

    Few clarifications,

    You need to add a buffer between  W pin and the SSM input pin to guarantee high impedance...

    Otherwise, you will have the  RWB resistance in parallel with the input impedance in the SSM2306.

    I cannot see the image you refereed before but I imagine that the buffer in the B terminal is to bias correctly the AC input signal and improve the THD performance.



  • the ADA4691-2 looks nice for your application.



  • Hi Musach,

    What would you recommend for the ADI op-amp between W pin and input of SSM?

    The audio signal is from 20Hz to 20KHz.

    I am looking for a not-so-costly op-amp for this project.