AD7376 problem

hello! I'm new here and beginner

I need help with a problem I have no idea how to solve.

I'm trying to control the AD7376 via SPI from PIC 18F4520.

the signals seem correct in SPI pins, according to AD7376 datasheet:

but the potentiometer only works ok when sending odd decimal data (binary final 1)

spi_write (x);

231 or 11100111 works

232 or 11101000 not

233 or 11101001 works

234 or 11101010 not

235 or 11101011 works

236 or 11101100 not


my code:

VOID main (VOID)


   setup_spi ( SPI_MASTER | SPI_H_TO_L | SPI_XMIT_L_TO_H | SPI_CLK_DIV_64 ); //mode 3


   output_high (pin_b0); //chip select


   delay_ms (1000);


   WHILE (1)


      output_low (pin_b0); //chip select

      spi_write (3);

      output_high (pin_b0); //chip select


      delay_ms (5000); //time for measure    



any idea what might be happening?

thanks all.


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