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AD5252, reset I2C communication, not using power restart


In case I2C communication of AD5252 meet some problem, for example, noise intefer a command which is transmitted, thus both of sender and receiver are waiting for each other, can we reset only I2C communication, led by AD5252, not using power restart(power-down and up) ?

I have heard there are some other devices can accept dummy clock and something like STOP command, resulted into clearing status and force the device waiting for next start.

Any idea to recover the communication would be very much appreciated.

Best Regards,

  • Hi usaghi,

    If your I2C communication has been corrupted, can happen two things,

    Your SCL has been mis-clocking... in this case to restart the communication, you will need to generate few extra clock manually to re-synchronize the slave.

    You can send a NOP command and generate a STOP condition in the 8th clock.

    Your SDA has been corrupted, in this case, you need to repeat the command.

    Let me know if something is not clear, please.