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Query on AD5429 - 8 bit DAC



I need a variable differential reference which can generate voltage ranges from -10V to +10V. So, I thought of using a DAC to generate those variable references.

Since I need a differential reference I have selected a 2 channel DAC, AD5429. While choosing the DAC I used the parametric table available in your website. It is mentioned that AD5429 has a output swing of 20V p-p. But in the datasheet, an external amplifier is used to generate +/-10V output. It is also mentioned that the reference can be +/-10V.


can I get bipolar +/-10V output from each channel of this DAC. And also suggest a way to generate -10V reference without affecting the precision of DAC.




  • Hi Jebas,

    The AD5429 is a dual current output DAC which needs an op amp on its output for the I-toV conversion stage (Figure 38 in the datasheet), and a DC or AC voltage of -10V to 10V is accepted as reference voltage.

    Say that an output of 0V to +10V is required, a voltage reference of -10V is needed.

    To obtain bipolar 10V output from one channel, the DAC requires two op amps as shown in Figure 39 in the datasheet.




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