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AD5750 Vsense+ and Vsense-

Please excuse my ignorance, my analog side is very much rusted, working mostly on digital circuits.

I am using a AD5750 dual rail driver in industrial circuit. It has its voltage output on Vout and then 2 pins for Vsense+ and Vsense-.

The datasheets says

"Sense Connection for the Positive Voltage Output Load Connection " for Vsense+ and the opposite for Vsense-.

This is a bit unclear to me. What is meant by positive voltage output load connection.

Where must I connect this Vsense+ to?

  • to +15V
  • to Vout?

Please help me to clarify this.

  • Hi Mikkie,

    The +Vsense and -Vsense Pins are used for remote sensing of the load to predict and to compensate for any drops in voltage.

    If this feature is required connect the +Vsense pin to the positive side of the load and -Vsense pin to the negative side of the load

    Otherwise, tie the +Vsense pin to the Vout pin and -Vsense pin to GND.

    Kind Regards,