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AD5111, shutdown mode



I had a question on AD5111 shutdown mode which is described in datasheet page 18 (Rev.B) as follows.


The AD5111/AD5113/AD5115 return the wiper to prior shutdown position if any other operation is performed.


Q-1) What is the meaning of "prior shutdown" ?

Is it indicating prior occurence of "shutdown command" which is described in same paragraph ?

Or it is including some other cases, example, unintended supplied power down ?


Q-2) I assume it means AD5111 is storing the wiper position when prior "shutdown(which of Q-1)"  maybe in EEPROM.

Is it separate from the value which is stored by EEPROM Write Operation ?


Q-3) It may be a same question as Q-1, but if unintended power down occurs when operating in position 100, for example, and EEPROM is holding position 50 written by prior write operation, what is the position value it will start at next re-starting ?


Sorry for these fundamentals, but your helps would be very much appreciated.


Best Regards, 

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