EVAL-AD5360/61/62/63EBZ USB Software

I am trying to use the EVAL-AD5360/61/62/63EBZ in a .NET application (Visual Studio 2010) that uses the ADI_CYUSB_USB4.dll.

The evaluation board works with the provided software. 

There is not too much information about the ADI_CYUSB_USB4.dll. I was able to implement all the functions and call them in the sequence required from the .NET application w/o any errors. Unfortunately, the DAC output doesn’t change.

I’ve used the ELTIMA USB Analyzer to compare the USB commands sent by the original software and my application. In the information I
have about the ADI_CYUSB_USB4.dll there are five functions. It is specified that the first three functions (Search_For_Boards, Connect, and
Download_Firmware) have to be called in this order. Using the ELTIMA USB Analyzer is obvious that original software sends more than these three commands when the PC connects with the evaluation board.  

The USB commands for setting a channel voltage from the original software are the same as my software (I can see this with ELTIMA USB Analyzer).

There is a LabView program that uses the ADI_CYUSB_USB4.dll but it implements just the basic functions and not a sequence of functions to connect to the board. The VB6 code contains just the implemented functions.

The source code of the software that comes with the evaluation board would clarify all these problems. How can I get this source code?

Please help me!


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