Is there a daisy-chainable high-precision (18+ bits) DAC


I need to daisy-chain several AD7767 along with high-precision DACs in a way such that the DACs can be updated while reading data from the ADCs. It is a relatively large system with hundreds of ADCs/DACs. The daisy-chaining is necessary to meet my overall timing requirements.

I was thinking about using AD5791s, but then realized that they cannot be daisy chained. (The original datasheet showed a daisy-chaining mode.)


Is there any way to daisy-chain 5791s? Alternatively, is there a high-precision DAC with that can be daisy-chained with AD7767s (24-bit regs, similar timing, ...)?


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    •  Analog Employees 
    on Apr 28, 2014 6:31 PM

    Hi Daniel,

    They may have deleted the daisy chaining for a reason. I will be contacting the design and applications engineer for the reason they have done so.

    Meanwhile, you may take a look at AD760 which is an 18-bit DAC that supports daisy chaining through the Sout pin.



  • Hi Mark,

    Thanks for your help!

    I'm sure that the daisy chaining mode for the AD57* DACs was removed for a good reason, i.e., that it just did not work. There are also other posts on this, e.g., I think it is safe to assume that this won't change in the foreseeable future.

    The AD760 is unfortunately not a good option for me. It has close to 13 dB higher noise floor, rather bad THD+N, and it's mode of operation would be hard to combine with the 24-bit AD7767.

    Best regards,


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    on Aug 2, 2018 2:38 PM
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