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Reference input AD5686R

What is refference current,, input range and input Impedance for VRef in if is used as input for externa reference voltage?

In addition to considering the use of internal and external reference connected through the switch any as DG411 Ron 20ohm and do not know what it will flow through the current will?
The second question.

external reference of 3.3 V

It will be a problem if this voltage appears on the input Vref at a time when you will still turned on internal reference?

  • Hi,

    As indicated in Table 5 of the data sheet, Vref should be from -0.3V to Vdd+0.3V. For the reference current and the input imepedance, you may want to base on the performance of the internal reference. For example, you may have a +/-5mA current capability and very low input impedance.

    Considering the internal and external reference, the current that will pass through the switch will depend on the current being drawn by the device. At most, it could be up to 5mA.

    On your last question, it depends. if you have the same potential, then there is no problem. If there is a difference in the voltage levels, a short circuit will occur and there is a great possibility of damaging the device.

    Please let me know if you have any further questions.



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