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AD8400-1KOhm For PT100 Simulation

Hi all,


this is my first post, so hello to all here and many congratulations to the community!


I'm planning to use 2 x AD8400-1K in parallel (potentiometer mode using A1 and W of each RDAC) to simulate a pt100 resistor.

I've decided to use the two rdac's in parallel to gain more precision, and also considered that the voltage across A1 and W must not exceed the Vdd of the RDAC.


At first impression on my lab, the system works well , i can simulate a resistor matching the pt100 step table with 0.5°C precision.

But, when i connect it to a pt100 measuring device, it always display +6° of what i expect.



There are some controindications or something that i've not considered in order to use the AD8400-1K for simulating a pt100 thermo-resistor?


Thanks in advance



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