AD669 Reference

Our customer has been used in bipolar mode. (0 ~ 10V)

Our customer is prepared in Reference circuit using a volume in the data sheet output offset. (P6)


Can I replace the (± 1.25V / 14bit) circuit constituted by DAC + OP amplifier by eliminating the volume of this offset adjustment?


In fact, we can check the work when connected in place of the variable resistor reference power of Yokogawa.

It is affected by the circuit of the final stage, but it was like can be adjusted in the range of ± 1V.


Is it possible to ensure the accuracy and operation by connecting a voltage source instead of the variable resistor?




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    on Oct 3, 2014 5:17 PM

    Sorry for the delay, we don't get notified on parts that aren't in the High Speed DAC community. I will move this to the precision DAC community and someone there can give you an answer.

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