Addressing more than four AD5242 over I2C


My application requires the use of 64 units AD5242 ICs. The controller interface provides only a single I2C bus to control these 64 ICs.

AD5242 provides two pins, AD0 and AD1, for setting the address of the package. This means that I can address upto 4 packages in one I2C bus. I2C by itself is capable of addressing 2^7 addresses. But in the AD5242, the 5 MSB of the address byte seems to be fixed at 01011, followed by the AD0 and AD1 values.

My questions are as follows:

- Can I address 64 units of AD5242 ICs with a single I2C bus?

- Are the 5 MSB of the address byte fixed at 01011?

- Can I use the 5 MSB to address the devices, and in that case Can I program individual AD5242 ICs with a specific address apart from using the AD0 and AD1 pins.

My fundamental requirement is to be able to use upto 64 AD5242 ICs with single I2C bus.

Any and all inputs welcome.

Thanks and Best Regards

Hari Prasad Gokul R

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