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CONNECTION ERROR: AD5686R Evaluation Board was not detected

SDP board(EVAL-SDP-CS1Z) is detected by both software and the led on SDP board blinks. But error AD5686R Evaluation Board(EVAL-AD5686RSDZ) was not detected appears after that.

Tired 2 software;


1. AD5684R Evaluation Software( CD came with EVAL-AD5686RSDZ)

CONNECTION ERROR: AD5686R Evaluation Board was not detected.

Continuing in Simulation Mode.


2. AD5684R Evaluation Software V1.1(downloaded from website)



Using Windows 7 Home Premium SP1 64bit

Program installed in x86


Please advice what I should do or if you require more information.

Thank you!

  • Error image show below in the picture


    Using the default jumper settings as follows


    Link Options Setup for SDP Control (Default)

    LK1 A

    LK2 A

    LK3 C

    LK4 B

    LK5 A

    LK6 B


    Only SDP board, 6V(J3) & AGND(J3) connected to EVAL-AD5686RSDZ


    J3 - 6 V board positive power supply is connected to power supply unit tuned to 6V with ground connected.

    J1 & J2 and all SPI pin not connected

  • Hi, Darren.

    The evaluation software emulates the SPI protocol through the use of the SPORT. The evaluation board's communication line is designed physically to connect to the SPORT pins of the EVAL-SDP-CB1Z.

    As you have mentioned you are using the EVAL-SDP-CS1Z. The SDP that you are using only have SPI, I2C/TWI, and GPIOs. It does not use SPORT.

    As indicated in the last paragraph on the first page of the UG-459:

    This evaluation board requires the EVAL-SDP-CB1Z board (SDP-B controller board), which is available for order on the Analog Devices website at

    You would be able to use the evaluation board if you would use the EVAL-SDP-CB1Z.