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How to program AD5686R Evaluation Board SPI using arduino mega 2560?


I am trying to program AD5686R Evaluation Board (EVAL-AD5686RSDZ) using arduino mega 2560. Does the SPI also needs to be in sports mode? How do i do that in arduino mega 2560? there are 4 SPI modes in arduino.


External V logic and external VDD connected to arduino 5V and AGND & DGND connected to GND of arduino

LDAC is set low(GND)

jumper setting LK1 -LK6

B, B, C, B, B, B respectively


1. does not reset when reset pin J5-7 pulled/pulsed low

2. DAC output cannot be controlled using SPI and stays at 1.25V or 2.5V for AD5686R & 0V for AD5686 on the board

3. reset pin voltage drop from 5V to 2.8V when connected to evaluation board

4. SYNC1 & SYNC2 voltage drop from 5V to 1.3V  when connected to evaluation board

5. SPICLOCK & DATAIN voltages also drops to about 1V from 5V

6. When LK3 is at posistion D. The Vref of AD5686 is 5V at(TP2) but external reference is not connected


My codes are as follows;


#include <SPI.h> // necessary library

#define DATAOUT 51//MOSI

#define DATAIN  50//MISO

#define SPICLOCK  52//sck

#define SYNC1 53//ss

#define SYNC2 49//ss2


void setup()



  pinMode(DATAIN, INPUT);




  digitalWrite(SYNC1,HIGH); //disable device

  digitalWrite(SYNC2,HIGH); //disable device

  SPI.begin(); // wake up the SPI bus.

  SPI.setBitOrder(MSBFIRST); // sent MSB (most significant byte) first





void loop()


  digitalWrite(SYNC1, LOW);//select device

  digitalWrite(SYNC2, LOW);//select device

  SPI.transfer(48); // send value (0~255)

  SPI.transfer(0); // DAC

  SPI.transfer(0); //

  digitalWrite(SYNC1, HIGH);//disable device

  digitalWrite(SYNC2, HIGH);//disable device


  delay(10000);              // wait for 10second