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AD5696R Software reset (power-on reset)


Please let me know if my understanding is correct.

Operating the software reset, command definition is following.

Is it correct ?



DAC ADDRESS:0001~1111 or  don't care?, for example "0000".

DAC DATA+DAC DATA:don't care?

Only setting the command "0110", power-on reset is executed in all DAC output?

or DAC ADDRESS needs any of the settings?

DAC DATA is "don't care" ?

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  • I expect I must be getting an ACK on the device and command bytes as the don't care bytes are transmitted - I'm using the Arduino Wire framework so just write the 4 bytes and don't worry about how Wire does that: it returns 'NACK' when I endTransmission() I don't see the responses between the beginTransmission() and endTransmission().  I'll have to dig out the scope later to see if I can monitor the traffic.  The reset does work so I was assuming that a NACK was a result of the device resetting itself.

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