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AD5696R Software reset (power-on reset)


Please let me know if my understanding is correct.

Operating the software reset, command definition is following.

Is it correct ?



DAC ADDRESS:0001~1111 or  don't care?, for example "0000".

DAC DATA+DAC DATA:don't care?

Only setting the command "0110", power-on reset is executed in all DAC output?

or DAC ADDRESS needs any of the settings?

DAC DATA is "don't care" ?

Best Regards,


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  • Hi,

    I haven't actually tried this but I'm expecting to have an ACK on the Device Address byte and the Command Byte, just not sure on the other don't care bytes. are you receiving NACK on them?

  • I expect I must be getting an ACK on the device and command bytes as the don't care bytes are transmitted - I'm using the Arduino Wire framework so just write the 4 bytes and don't worry about how Wire does that: it returns 'NACK' when I endTransmission() I don't see the responses between the beginTransmission() and endTransmission().  I'll have to dig out the scope later to see if I can monitor the traffic.  The reset does work so I was assuming that a NACK was a result of the device resetting itself.