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AD5535 and 32 V power supply


I need a DAC that provides voltage from 0 to 20 V with at least 16 channels, but preferably more. AD5535 would provide the sufficient uinipolar range but unfortunately I only have at my disposal a 32 V power supply. Would it be enough to power the amplifiers for that voltage range?

Best regards.

  • Hello Pablo,

    First I recommend you look at the AD5535B which is an equivalent part. The minimum reference for the AD5535B is 1V and the outputs have a gain of 50 which would give you a 50V output range if you had a suitable power supply available. I think the amplifiers will work with a 32V supply. I will check and post later.

    The AD5535B is overkill for your application. I recommend you consider 4 x AD5504 instead. These are 4 channel, 12bit DACs with an internal reference. Each one will give you a 30V range with a 32V power supply. 4 of these will cost a lot less than 1 x AD5535

  • Thank you for your answer.

    I want to acquire an evaluation kit for quick prototyping, which is why I'm mostly interested on a single DAC with so many channels.