REF selection for mulch ch DACs like AD8656



I have a question about AD5686 (4ch 16bit DAC).

Could you let me know how should I think about REF selection.


AD5686 is multi ch DAC but it doesn't have REF buffer inside.

So, I am concerned that REF selection affects to accuracy of each ch because of dynamic load of each DAC engine.


Questions are here;

- What kind of REF configuration is recommended? Is external REF driver must for AD8656?

- Is the REF selection possible to affect to accuracy of each ch?

- Generally speaking, are there "rules" of recommended REF configuration by DAC architectures? (for example, REF + REF driver should be put for R-2R architecture, but only REF is OK for string type because of few ch variation)?


Thank you for your help.

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