AD5412 output dropped!



I have written another post about this issue but the main title typed wrong and i couldn't edit .

So i decided post new discussion .


Problem :

Actually AD5412 works apparently correct ( I mean I send the command and proportionate voltage/current is on the output ).

But when I connect my voltmeter or oscilloscope to the output the output drop to the clear value( Zero or middle depend on setting) .


it happen even when i connect a screw driver(metal object) to the ground .


But when voltmeter or oscilloscope is connected before power up every things is ok .


Fault Pin is not active before or after voltage drop.

after output dropped  if i write   new value it's  appear on the output.

after output dropped data register is dropped too.

"Clear Select " and "clear" pins are  connected to the ground just in case .

and here is my spi bus

i am be very happy if analog device support help me .

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