AD5544 sporadic zero output spike

Hello to anyone!

I am using 5 AD5544 DACs to get a total of 20 16-bit channels.


The analog output configuration is set for +/-10V similar to the description in the datasheet.

The DACs SPIs are connected in parallel with their CLK, /CS, /LDAC and /RESET lines while each DAC has it's own DATA line for faster update instead of daisy-chain.

The SPI signals are generated by a Spartan6 FPGA synchronous to the 20MHz clock:

CLK: 20MHz (50ns cycle, 50% duty)

DATA, /CS, /LDAC are synchronous to falling edge of CLK because DATA is shifted in and registers are updated on rising CLK edge.

/LDAC sequence is done at the end of all four channel transfers to update all outputs at the same time.

00+DATA0 * /CS cycle * 01+DATA1* /CS cycle * 10+DATA2 * /CS cycle * 11+DATA3 * /CS cycle * /LDAC cycle


I have sporadic 0V analog outputs on channel 0 of each of the five DACs. Sporadic means one per minute or hour or day.

It is only on channel 0 and not on 1, 2 or 3

It is not at the same time on the five DACs but it is on every DAC

It happens more often if I connect a oscilloscope probe (20pF) to /CS line and therefore it looks like a timing problem

Reducing CLK to 10MHz or 5MHz didn't make a difference therefore it seems to be an edge detection problem


Does anybody had similar effects with the AD5544?

Could it be a problem having /CS, CLK and /LDAC connected in parallel to the same FPGA output?

Thanks for any ideas on this behavior.