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AD5143 Linear Gain mode per IC or per channel


I am using the AD5143 and there are some unclear things in the datasheet.

1. Is the selection between Linear Gain Mode and Potentiometer Mode applied per channel or per IC? The fact that command 16 "Copy serial register to control register" in Table 15 has X's through the address field implies that the channel is not addressable. The text does not clearly state this but I find it a bit hard to believe you would design the IC this way.

2. I believe the datasheet has a small error. In Table 9, command 15, the address bit A2 shows a "0" instead of "A2". This seems inconsistent and presumably is incorrect?

3. Your command numbering is a bit odd. It would have been nicer if they were numbered to match the "Control Bits" field, and then use A, B, C, etc. so that, for example, RDAC increment is command 4A and RDAC decrement is 4B, instead of Command 4 and Command 5.

Thanks for your assistance,


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